Wholesale Information

Thank you for your interested in Republic West Wholesale. Here is a little bit of information about Republic West's Products and Process. 

Everything is designed by me (Amanda). I have been doing Graphic Design for about 12 years and have found a way to have a bit of fun and an outlet for my creativity. 

It is important to me to have my hands on every single process that I can and make as much by my hands as possible. Here is a little bit on how drinkware is made.

All drinkware first starts with the custom designs that are printed with specialty (eco-friendly and vegan) inks onto specialty paper which is then wrapped around a drinkware piece that is also, yes, specially coated so all the inks are absorbed by hand-pressing them in a heat press which makes them permanent and dishwasher safe. As you can see this is a process requiring many specialty products which reflects in my cost and therefor the wholesale pricing I can offer.

Download Drinkware and Accessories Wholesale Line Sheet

Apparel is again, all designed me. While a screen printing set up is in the near future for Republic West, screen printing of the designs has been sourced to a wonderful local BC business. Once I receive the apparel, I again want to make sure that every label is sewn in by me and products are tagged right here. Hats with patches are also completed by hand in house. 

For wholesale pricing information, click the link below. 
* There are no minimum pieces required, but if you are interested in ordered 36 or more of a design and style, please email to inquire about discount. 

Download Apparel Wholesale Line Sheet